The Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department is always looking for volunteers who are committed to serving their community

If you are 18 years old, live within or near the Wolcott town line, and are looking for a challenge that will be rewarding for both you and your community...

Why should I join the fire department?

There are several reasons why you might want to join the fire department.  Over 80% of firefighters in America are volunteers and they need your help.  For some, it is the pure rush and excitement of being involved in helping others at an incident that most people would avoid.  This hands-on, technical profession may provide you the outlet for doing something completely different than you are normally used to doing.  It may be the sense of belonging to an organization or the camaraderie of your fellow firefighters.  Helping others when no one else is willing or able to is something to be very proud of and is something our town needs.  Hopefully you will join and discover why it means so much to you to be a firefighter.

What incentives are there for me to join?

Each member has the ability to become vested in our Life Service Award program. Our members also receive life insurance coverage, gym membership incentives, and other personal incentives.

What training will I need to go through to be a firefighter?

Each prospective member will begin with an application and background check.  If accepted to go forward, the next step would be a department physical.  If the company accepts you as a probationary member, you will need to attend Firefighter I training within one year.  The training is about three months in length and meets two week nights and on Saturdays weekly.  Instructors are aware that you most likely have a full-time job and are flexible with your work schedule, but the majority of the classroom and practical days are required.

How often do I need to respond to calls, go to training, and attend meetings?

Each member is required to make quarterly training objectives in accordance with OSHA regulations and 25% of all calls, drills, and meetings in a quarter to qualify for the life-service award.  Our department averages about 600 calls per year.  It is understood that a member will respond to a call when they are not working or at school.  It is reasonable to expect that some calls may not be attended due to family responsibilities/functions, but we do encourage members to respond as often as possible.