The fire explorer program is established to prepare its members in becoming responsible and caring members of the fire service and the community. Practical experiences will be utilized to provide the knowledge necessary for each member to make informed, rational decisions on issues affecting their lives. Respect and leadership are important values that will be reinforced; members will be afforded the opportunity to assume leadership roles within the program.

Members of the community can join The Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department Explorer's Program (Company 4) as early as age 14 and remain a member until age 18, at which time they are given the opportunity to transition to their respective company. The program is regulated by The Boy Scouts of America and is open to both males and females who have a desire to serve their community. The explorer company is facilitated by members of The Wolcott Volunteer Fire Department, with representation from all three companies.

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Company Contact: Lead Advisor David Amato (damato@wolcottvfd.com)